Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog

dog exerciseAccording to a study done by Michigan State University, dog owners are 34% more likely to exercise for 150 minutes weekly than people who don’t own a dog. It does not matter whether you are just taking your dog for a stroll, it still counts.

 Furthermore, while at it, you get to burn as much as 170 calories in just half an hour. Besides walking, there are other fun activities to engage with your dog that will ensure that your dog get to exercise. Below are some of them.

Paddle boarding while standing up

Pick on a calm day on a bay or lake for our first session together with your dog. This will ensure that your pup develops it sea legs. To make the dog more comfortable you can puddle on your knees so that you can lower the center of gravity and balance the board in case you are struggling to balance the board. It is also advisable to make sure your dog has its preserver on when venturing on the waters. The life preserver will also make it easier for you to lift it back on the boat in case it falls in the water. Numerous doggie vests have a handle that is easy to grab.

Follow the Dog

You can add twist to your daily walks by following your dog and have it walk you for a change. You go wherever she goes. To do this, picture your dog as a walking, four-legged and furry GPS that does not you know where the final destination is going to be. Be ready for where the nose takes you both. 


Even though not all dogs are trackers, any dog can take part in a game of tracking. Tracking is a very competitive game for both handlers and dogs. In this game, a scent trail is usually put in place hours before the game begins. In this game, dogs follow the trail to find the object at the end with the encouragement of their owners.


Teach a New Skill
Your dog’s brain also needs exercise and teaching anew skill is just one way to exercise it. Find any fun and silly behavior to teach your dog like command by using hand signals or high fiving. Another exercise for the brain is bowing on command.

Having a dog I a lot of fun especially after it has learnt the initial commands. You can do almost every activity with your dog once you teach it how to do it.