Basics of Dog Training

Happy dogDog training is both engaging and rewarding for you and your dog. From simple obedience commands to tricks that are more advanced, training your dog can be a fun activity. Just the way human beings are taught how to behave when young, dogs also need training in order for them to behave properly whether you are on the move and have asked for a towing service, the dog should not embarrass you in front of the towing personnel.  If a dog adopts the behavior expected of it in a household, everyone will be happy.

The dog will also be happy.

Dogs always want to please their owners. It is in their nature to seek the approval of their owner. Well, at least most of the time.

The tricks and tasks that you may decide to teach your dog are optional. The following are the types of training that are basic, meaning that they are considered to be very important for every dog owner.

Toilet Training

If you plan to have your dog indoors then you definitely need to toilet train it. You definitely dont want to have a messy home do you? Toilet training is usually very stressful for both the dog and you and your patience is very necessary. If you use the proper training methods, you definitely are going to achieve a positive outcome.

It is crucial that you start the toilet training when the dog is still young (around 3 to 4 months old). Starting early will ensure that the toilet training does not take any longer than necessary. Staring late meant a longer training period. For an effective toilet training keep the following in mind.

  • Regular feeding time throughout training period.
  • Give your dog numerous opportunities to empty their bladder outside.
  • Remember to praise your dog whenever your dog does its responsibility.

Leash training

It is necessary for your dog to learn how to walk on a leash. In some states, having a leash on a dog is required while in others it is your choice. There are some times when keeping your dog on a leash will be a form of protection for your dog. Apart from protecting your dog, leashes also keep your dog away from unpredictable and irresistible temptations.

Training on obedience

dog trainingIt is very necessary that you train your doctor on matters pertaining to its discipline. This is because a disobedient dog can become a real pain. The following are some of the basic commands that your dog should learn to respond to.

  • Sit. This command should be taught first so that you remain in control of your dog.
  • Stay. This command will teach your dog to always be calm, still and to stay in one place.
  • Come. This obviously will teach your dog to always come to you as soon as you command it.


Once your dog masters the basics, you can then start to train it on a more advanced level. These activities will keep your dog active, mentally stimulated and fit. Through these activities, you also get to bond with your dog.

Training is an ongoing process for a dog especially when it comes to obedience as you dog is likely to forget if not frequently reminded on being obedient.